Toplifikacija AD Skopje

company for production and distribution of heat energy

Turnkey development and reconstruction projects

A functional and well staffed design bureau, capable of carrying out most complex projects offers its services, supported by the company with its financing representation and other capacities, on a turnkey basis. Among the activities are also energy sector research and Environmental Impact Analysis.

Cogeneration Planth

A cogeneration plant is to be constructed in Skopje, Macedonia, in order to cover the upcoming needs for electricity, at the same time offering heat to be supplied to the district heating system. Its Planned capacity is approximately 170 MWe and 150 MWth, an Independent Power Producer, organized in a private shareholding company.

Negotino Greenhouses

The Negotino Power Plant on fuel oil (currently 210 MWe) offers a cheap source of heat, at the same time reducing the price of electricity produced in this plant through the sales of that heat. The greenhouse is planned to be 50 ha, with an export oriented competitive production of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.

Skopje Sever

A new district heating system, private shareholding company, constructed in the Northern part of the city of Skopje.

Gas Supply of the City of Skopje

Toplifikacija AD - Skopje, since it preparing the initial study on the broad distribution of gas for the city of Skopje in 1991, has made all necessary preparations for its participation in the development of the gas distribution grid in the city, in order to participate in the necessary investments, design and construction of this project.