Toplifikacija AD Skopje

Company for production and distribution of heat energy

The District Heating System Of The City Of Skopje

Toplifikacija AD Skopje, a company whose basic activity is the production and distribution of heat energy, was founded in 1965. Today, the district heating system of Skopje is a modern system with a high degree of automation of the technological processes and a complete computer monitoring of the heat production. In the past 15 years 50% of the energy delivered to the consumers was measured, and since the year 2000 all of the delivered heat is measured.

The district heating system of the city of Skopje is a hot water system with a nominal delivery temperature of the water of 130°C, and 70°C in the return duct. Regulation of the delivered heat is carried out through control of the temperature in the delivery pipeline and through control of the flow rate of the water.

Toplifikacija AD Skopje is making efforts to stay abreast all new positive developments in our field of activity. Being a private company, it is also motivated by the all-present drive for profit, which is common for all financially well managed and operated business.

Heat sources

Heating plant
Hot water capacity [MW]
Steam capacity [MW]
Istok 279 14.8
Zapad 171 11.9
11 Oktomvri 27.9  
Park 9  
Total 479 26.7

Company Activities

  • Production and distribution of heat energy
  • Preparation of studies, investment programs and complete technical documentation for thermal energy structures, district heating and the gas distribution network
  • Applied scientific research work in the field of thermal energy
  • Construction and installation of district heating and gas distribution structures
  • Metrology
  • Distribution of natural gas